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The fishermen who have tried wild fishing are clear that it is very difficult, often 10 fishing lures and 9 empty. So how to avoid the wild fishing lures Air Force's embarrassment, let's talk about personal opinions.


  • Try to catch the fish during the window period. Before you leave, look at the weather and the water is clear. When the wind and water are mixed and the weather is boring, try not to go. Rivers entering the sea should try to choose small tides, rain, early morning and evening.
  • After reaching the fishing spot, according to the target fish, first, use the cheap bait such as lead hook + soft bait to scan again. It is mainly to explore whether the underwater structure is complicated. The more complicated the underwater structure is, it is easy to have aggressive fish, generally one. Click and cast for 20 minutes. If there is no mouth, change the place to continue. Sweep around the fishing spot. The picture below shows my catch with soft bait:


Soft bait + lead hook is the most affordable Trout fishing gear  


  • If the soft bait has Hook up, then change the fish bait such as Minor or VIB and scan it again. Sometimes the fish mouth is not good for the fish bait. It is because the underwater structure has been explored, Minor or VIB. The possibility of hanging the bottom will be much smaller.


VIB lure, minnow and Sequins is the best trout fishing lures.

Minnow lure click here > https://bit.ly/2ONHJHP

Sequins click here > https://bit.ly/2Oi6Keu

  •  Many people play fishing at a point and a throw for a few hours. It feels like a waste of time. fishing lures' most important thing is to find fish. If there is no fish, go to another place to look for it. Generally speaking, one It’s the easiest to get fish before the new fishing spot.


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