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In the autumn, with the yellowing of the leaves, Quietly came to us. At this time, the carp grows fat and is a good time to fish in the year, and the most powerful time. Unlike the hot summer temperatures, carp can only eat in the early hours of the morning or late at night, which is thinner than in the fall. Therefore, fishing for carp in the mid-autumn season is definitely a pleasure. Let me talk about the skills of fishing for carp:


First, the fishing position

The carp eats very often in the fall, and the place where the food is rich is the place where the carp often goes. From the topography, such as the water inlet, the downwind, and the water grass, it is a good fishing position. From the temperature point of view, because the water temperature is cool, the shallow water will not overheat, and the shallow water food is more abundant, so it is not suitable to choose a fishing spot that is too deep. Considering the size of the water surface, you should choose a small water surface with a small size. The small water surface food will be more abundant. Finally, we need to consider the underwater characteristics of the waters. We know that carp likes to look for food in silt or sediment. Therefore, it is not appropriate to choose a place with a hard bottom or a place with many stones.



Second,Selection of fishing rods and fishing lines

The choice of the length of the fishing rod should be based on personal skill and physical strength. If you are not used to fly rod, the accuracy of using fly rod throwing fishing line is more difficult to guarantee, and you will be more difficult. The choice of fishing rod can also be shorter, such as 4.5 or 5.4, which is convenient for slip fish and reduces the possibility of tangential cutting. The line can be a little thicker. At this time, the carp is better, and the body is more fertile.



Third, the carp fishing bait configuration

According to the size of the carp, the food preferences are different. Generally, the small carp likes the astringency. The medium-sized and large-sized ones like the scent, sweetness and odor. The bigger the carp body shape, the more like the smelly bait. According to the change of water temperature, Mid-autumn can use the bait with astringency. In fact, many carp baits contain silkworm cocoons or fishbone powder; the fragrant corn is very simple to make, the corn is cooked and added to the liqueur, and the seal can be fermented, hooked and nested. Regarding the smelly bait, when the temperature is high in summer, the effect is not very good in autumn, so use it with caution.



Fourth, matters needing attention

  1. The bait should be Astringency or sweetened, and the taste should be thicker than in summer. The bait should be bigger than summer, put on the line, put it on the bottom of the river, and use short strands to avoid catching the bait. Larger bait groups can also reduce the frequency of throwing, which is very important when fishing is shallow, especially the timid and awkward fish.


  1. If you use double hooks, pay attention to the larger hook spacing. Adjust the double bait to the end when adjusting the drift. The method is very simple, one is that the bottom of the fishing net is high-flying, and the fishing can be achieved by adjusting the height. A little more sensitive, another method is to hook the bait.


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