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The fishing reel is maintenance after fishing in the fresh water environment. Usually, the surface is cleaned with a damp cotton cloth, and then dried with a dry cloth; and depending on the situation, the light oil is applied to the rotating part, and then it is used after about 3-4 times. after Advanced maintenance again.


Fish line wheel advanced maintenance:


Fishing in freshwater environment for a while, or seawater fishing requires advanced maintenance. We need to know the names of the spinning reel before we carry out the maintenance. We introduce shaddockfishing reel, perhaps with other manufacturers diffrent. The structure is different, but the maintenance methods are essentially the same:


First, lock the brakes to prevent the brakes from inhaling moisture, and then rinse them with low-pressure fresh water. Do not use strong water pressure, which will flush the water into the body; just wash off the salt and dust on the surface. Then dry it with a dry cloth and let it dry. After it is completely dry, lubricate the gear and loosen the brake button.


Fishing reel brake part


After rinsing, unscrew the brake knob and remove the knob to dry the water on the spindle, the inside and outside of the reel and the brake on the brakes. Then remove the pentagon ring at the top of the reel and remove the water from the washer group. Remember the order of the group or refer to the exploded view of the part to ensure that the replacement is functioning properly. The brakes are made of stainless steel and felt sheets (or carbon woven sheets). The brakes must be locked before flushing to avoid the moisture absorption of the felt sheets. Remember to loosen the brakes to restore the felt fibers. Apply grease to the spindle to assemble the reel, and the brake knob is released and you're done. Do not apply the felt to the grease, it will lose the brake function, and only apply the oil for the original brake pads.


Fishing reel aluminum alloy reel


Most of the fishermen will soak the reel in the water, let the freshwater and the seawater in the line, but this can only remove the salt and dirt on the surface. Place it to dry and can't rule out the water in the lower layer of the line. Even in a few months, these accumulated water will cause oxidation and corrosion of the aluminum alloy reel. Therefore, it is recommended to catch 2 - 3 or every 2 to 2 months, pull the fishing line completely out of the cleaning, and check whether the fishing line needs to be replaced, especially the nylon line will reduce the fishing force value after many times; It is not easy to deteriorate but it is pressed against the lower layer of water, which is the culprit of the erosion of the reel.


Fishing reel throw fishing reel part


This part is the easiest to accumulate water, so it is necessary to check the cleaning frequently, otherwise it will be difficult to be rotated by salt crystals. Remove the thread-removing screws and remove the gasket, the reeling wheel, the Palin and the bushing, etc., and remember the relevant position and direction when disassembling to ensure normal operation after loading. Check if the removed Palin has If you are stuck, please replace the same size with Palin and replace it with some butter and parts.


The smoothness of this part of the operation is smooth, so it is also necessary to clean and smooth frequently; the rocker arm, the rocker arm cover, the hexagonal mandrel, the grip cover, the inner screw of the grip are removed in sequence, and the machine is removed. Apply oil to the two ends of the main toothed disc, and apply a proper amount of grease on the grip rod. Check whether the removed gripper is smooth, replace the new product if necessary, and apply a layer of grease between the parts when refilling. .


Fish line airframe maintenance


Recently, some bodies have been designed with convenient maintenance holes. After the rear cover of the body is removed, the internal parts can be cleaned and greased; do not use WD40 or any degreaser here, which will accelerate the wear of the parts. pay attention! If the above design is not necessary for the maintenance of the body, it is necessary to refer to the exploded view of the part for more complicated disassembly of the parts. If the grip is not replaced, please do it by a professional to avoid injure or lose the fine parts.



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