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Fishing people generally know that the fishing swivel is a good connection when fishing, so the fishermen attach great importance to the binding method of the fishing swivel. If the tie is not good, it is easy to break the fish, and tying the ring is also an important part of ensuring the fish. The following is a four-way tying method for the fishermen.  

First, Diagram of the connection method of fishing swivel and sub-line


There are two types of strands that are tied to the hook. The first is a knotted strand and the second is a non-knotted strand. Mainly depends on how the fishermen choose themselves. In addition, there are differences between the two different sub-lines and the fishing swivel method.


1, The connection of the fishing swivel and the sub-line



2, The sub-line and main line swivel connection diagram



Second, the fishing main line and fishing swivel Binding method diagram


There are also two kinds of binding methods for the main line and the fishing swivel-binding method. The first one is the single strand binding method, and the second is the double strands binding method.


1,Single strand method for fishing main line and fishing swivel.


2,Double strands binding method for fishing main line and fishing swivel .






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