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You can use a few tricks to maintain and maintain the fishing rod so that he can use it for a longer period of time. Today I introduce several methods and hope that my method is useful to you.
General care

  • When encountering the fish card section, apply a small amount of oil to the knot to make it slide naturally to the rod joint. After three minutes, gently turn the upper and lower rods to complete the retreat.
  • Don't let your bait get caught in the top of the tip.
  • Don't be "highly sticky." This means excessive bending of the rod and excessive pressure on the tip. Do not lift the lever 90 degrees when fishing.
  • Do not hit the rod against a hard surface.
  • Wipe the fish gizzard after each use, dry the fish gills.
  • Do not violently return to the fish when hitting the bottom or catching heavy objects.
  • Apply oil to the pole when not in use for a long time.


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