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I have always heard that some fishermen say that when fishing at night, the sequins will not work at all, resulting in poor results. In fact, these fishing friends are trapped in a misunderstanding, the sequins are not the more reflective, the better, when the light is weak or no light at night, the sequins can not be reflected, it is not used at all?



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Actually, it wasn't. When I was fishing for the first time, I didn't know how to use the fake bait. I just selected an ordinary silver spoon-shaped sequin, but I fishing a Cockfish . So in fact, it can be seen that the sequins are not used at night. If we can use it, there will be some surprises that you would not have unexpectedly.


 Many times we have a small eyesight of the fish. The eyesight of the fish is actually very good at night. Its lateral line's ability to perceive and vibrate is extremely strong, and it can feel any vibrating objects nearby. Predatory fish, which senses the pressure change of water through the lateral lines on either side of the body, thereby instinctively launching a reflective attack.



So when the fishermen's sequins are swimming around the target fish. The fish can certainly perceive through their side lines, the direction of the waves, and then carefully observe and search for nearby areas through their developed vision. So as long as it is an object that continues to move, he will launch an attack.


Therefore, in summary, the brightness of the sequins is only the role of the probability of being discovered by the fish. The brighter the sequins is definitely good, but it does not mean that the roads are very bad at night.


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