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Luya fishing people who have played spinning will definitely not miss this kind of fake bait, not only because it is very simple to use, but also widely used. Not only sea fishing, river fishing is also used, the most important thing is cheap, let us Playing fishing lures can be more economical.


Because it looks very much like the spoon we eat, it is called a spoon-shaped sequin. In fact, the construction of this kind of lure is very simple, not complicated at all, but such a simple design can be highly active after launching, and its exaggerated swimming stroke can quickly attract which attacking fish. For example, pike and squid. So let's take a closer look at where it is, and how we can use it.


 1,Suitable for all waters and environments


In the sea, or in the deep water layer of the Lake District, silver sequins should be used. When the wind and waves are calmer and the target water layer is the middle water layer, copper or gold sequins are more suitable. Where the water is extremely clear and calm, we should use darker sequins, even black ones.


Whether in the sea, in the reservoir, in the river, no matter what the weather conditions, no wind, small wind, wind and waves, we can use this kind of fake bait. Depending on where you use it, we should choose the appropriate scoop sequins. For example, when fishing in the sea, we should choose a slightly heavier sequin, especially when the wind is relatively large, to control the movement more accurately, this choice is particularly important.



2, how to use scoop sequins


After selecting the sequins of the appropriate color and weight, the basic use action is very simple. After the squatting, the fake lure sinks to the target water layer and is recycled. The recovery speed is not too fast. As mentioned above, the scoop sequins can sometimes be cut off when they enter the water, but there are many other situations that may occur. After all, no one can be lucky enough to be intercepted.


In order to attract fish, we need to control it to move in a positive state under water to attract the target fish. Sometimes, when we feel that there is a fish trying to attack fishing lures, we can stop and continue, and many fish will be attacked after the first attack. Sink a little and observe its attack object. But if you have already selected a fishing spot to prepare for it, you can also choose to rush the tip of the point, so that fishing lures's movements will be very large. When the fish is not very active, this method can make the fish have Attack desire.


 3,Improvement of scoop sequins


Although it has a wide range of applications and is attractive to fish, it also has its shortcomings. For example, the long shot performance of the scoop sequins is slightly insufficient compared to the beveled sequins. But now with continuous improvement, some spoon-shaped sequins have also been added to the design concept of the beveled sequins, which increases the weight of the bottom of the sequins and improves the long-range performance.


And in other respects, manufacturers are constantly improving, such as python sequins is a commonly used one in scoop sequins. On the basis of the traditional scoop sequins, a red blade is added to the tail, and it can be seen in the above figure. In addition to the red leaves, the bottom of the sequins also depicts a dense pattern. This design adds a tail. The weight makes 20g sequins for shore fishing or sea fishing to meet our needs. There is also a small hint, if we are looking for targets in the surface water layer, especially in spring and autumn, remember to use a darker sequin, which will bring you some small surprises.



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