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Are you ready for your best fishing season ever? The patented As Seen on TV, Mighty Bite fishing lure system with free 90 Minute - Mighty Bite Fishing Secrets DVD, The Mighty Bite System works like a magnet on both saltwater and freshwater fish. These unique fishing lures appeal to all five senses to entice fish to strike, bite hard, hold-on and get hooked!  This is the Original Mighty Bite Basic Kit that’s caught fish around the world! Your expert fishing Kit includes over 100 pieces: 10 Mighty Bite lures in two body styles and amazing, original Mighty Bite fishing catching colors, 14 adjustable Mighty Bite fins, 12 rattles that "sound the dinner bell", 12 unique Mighty Bite scent sticks, plus weed guards, popper, tail weights and no miss deadly treble hooks. Complete Fishing System Toss out your conventional lures. Don’t bother with the bait shop. The Mighty Bite Basic Kit is all you’ll ever need:



100pcs Mighty Bite lures

  • 8 adjustable Mighty Bite fins

  • 4 assorted size rattles

  • 11 unique Mighty Bite scent sticksw

  • 2 “Red” screw-in nose hooks and 2 extra wide gap

Plus weed guards, tail weights, locking pin Invented by pro angler Jeff Mancini, the Mighty Bite is a complete system that’s proven effective on all predatory fish. Its innovative Scent Sticks and interchangeable swim fins are powerful fish attractors. As it swims, it creates a powerful scent trail that not only gets fish to strike and strike more often. The unique "spasmic" action creates an underwater disturbance that draws fish in for a closer look.


Powerful scent sticks: Attract all predatory fish with a powerful scent trail that works even in cloudy or turbulent water. It also gives off a blast of flavor when a fish bites down, making them hold on longer.


Interchangeable fins: The larger fins allow Mighty Bite to glide slowly to the bottom at an angle, as if it’s swimming on its own. The smaller fins are perfect for reaching the bottom fast.


Mighty Bite Fishing Lure fishing took only 15 minutes ? 

CHECK OUT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k6A6tPLDXU


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