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It is not only unnecessary but impossible to learn a variety of knots for people who are just beginning to contact fishing activities! But there are a few knots that you don't know, or you can't fish at all.


The knot method of the knot is simple, but it is the combination of several actions such as cross, entanglement, interspersed, and bundle. However, the technique is good and the combination is not good, but it is the key to determine the strength of the knot and the result of fishing. .


Two basic knots


Among the various knots, there are two methods that are simple, versatile, and of good strength. It is the basis of other knots and the basic technology that beginners must do, that is, "Uni-knot" and "Clinch Kont".


Let the A-a line be the main line, and the B-b line should follow a small coil first.

The B-end of the B-b line is a winding section, and the A-a wire is entangled with the coil itself.

Continue this step about five or six times.

After lubrication, carefully tighten the ends of the B-b wire so that the small coil is tightened into a wire knot.

Clinch Kont

Set a section of the fishing line to A and a section to B, and fold the ends together.

Take the B section and directly wrap the A end about five or six times.

Pull the B end back and let it go through the winding.

After lubrication, draw both ends of A and B, slowly tighten the knot and cut off the silk.



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