225pcs Carp Fishing Accessories Tackle Kit Swivels Hooks Sleeves Rubbers Tube Lead Clip Set

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Carp Fishing Tackles

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing Carp Fishing Tackle Kit have almost all the spare parts you want it. You can use these things according to the specific situation.Different parts have different functions, and each part will bring unexpected surprises to your fishing life.
The hook size have #2,#4,#6,the bead size about 4/8mm,the silicone shrink tube about 2m.
The entire box is designed to be easy to carry and use, reducing the number of purchases and making life easier.
  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Type: Carp Fishing Tackles
  • Material: Plastic,High Carbon Steel,Rubber
  • Feature: Various Kinds,Easy to Carry,For Carp Fishing
  • Size: Hook(#2,#4,#6),Bead(4/8mm),Silicone Shrink Tube(2m)
  • Colors: Random Colors
  • Quantity: 225Pcs
  • Packaging: Plastic Box
  • Package Include: 2pcs Rubbers Tubes,30pcs Beads,30pcs Sweetcorns,30pcs hooks,2pcs fish bone,40pcs casing,90pcs carp fishing accessories,1card hair extender stops
  • Position: Freshwater and Seawater

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