160pcs/box Fishing Accessories Kit Included Jig Hooks Sinker Weights Different Swivels Snaps Beads

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Fishing Swivels Kit

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing Accessories Kit comes with 160pcs all the necessary fishing accessories,included fishing hooks,bass casting weights sinker,rolling swivel with safety snap connector,rolling barrel fishing swivels,three way cross-line fishing swivels,fishing line to hook swivels shank clip connector and fishing beads.
All made of high quality material. 7 different kinds of necessary fishing accessories, each kind of size of them are placed in different small grids which easy to access.
Various sizes of accessories could meet multiple fishing needs.
Comes with a selector side by side tackle box,easy to store and transport.
Shaddock Fishing Accessories Kit: Opens up to individual compartments, each compartment has its own closure.
Comes with 160 multifunctional fishing accessories, great for fishing trip.
Tackle box Size: 4.8"(L) x 4"(W) x 1.8"(H) , very handy and easy-to-carry, putting this in my survival/hiking/camping pack!A great gift/addition to any anglers kit, enjoy your fishing trip.
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  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Type: Fishing Swivels Kit
  • Quantity: 160PCS
  • Rolling Swivel: 1/0-10PCS, 2#-10PCS, 4#-10PCS
  • Rolling Swivel Snap: 2#-10PCS, 4#-10PCS
  • Sinker Slides: Yellow-10PCS, Red-10PCS, Blue-10PCS
  • Crossline Barrel Swivel: 1#-5PCS, 2#-5PCS, 3#-5PCS
  • Fishing Bead: 39PCS
  • Fishing Sinker Weights: 6PCS
  • Jig Hook: 1#-20PCS
  • Features: Smooth surface and performance,Lightweight,Comfortable and Environmentally friendly
  • Position: Freshwater Fishing,Seawater Fishing,Lure Fishing,Carp Fishing,Ocean Boat Fishing

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