Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line of Best Fishing Line in Clear Color 547yds

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Monofilament Fishing Line

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing Monofilament Fishing Line is made of 100% nylon material, extremely abrasion resistant and super tough, unique technology allows to produce a line with an unmatched strength to diameter ratio.
Mono Fishing Line's extra stretch and lower sinker rate makes it great for fishing and provides more forgiveness during hooking and fighting, has good shock strength for sudden impacts.
Monofilament Line offers smooth handling characteristics for long casts and accuracy.
In addition, Shaddock mono fishing line provides better knot holds while being easy to tie.
Shaddock Fishing has complete selection of premium monofilament fishing line from 13 lb.test strength for bait fishing to 396 lb for saltwater fishing, blue and clear color, 547yds / Coil.

  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Model: Monofilament Fishing Line 
  • Material: PA6/PA66 Monofilament nylon
  • Shape: Level
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Sink Line
  • Color: Clear 
  • Length: 500m/547Yards (5*109.36yd in ONE ROLL) 
  • Feature: Great Shock Strength,Excellent Abrasion Resistance,High Knot Strength,Cut Water Quckily
  • Size: 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.7mm 0.9mm 1.1mm 1.3mm 1.5mm 1.7mm 1.9mm
  • Test LB(Kg)/ Diameter MM (Inch):
  • 6.2kg/13.6LB-----0.30mm/0.0118Inch
  • 16.1kg/35.4LB-----0.50mm/0.0197Inch
  • 30.3kg/66.8LB-----0.70mm/0.0276Inch
  • 48kg/105.7LB-----0.90mm/0.0354Inch
  • 67.7kg/149LB-----1.1mm/0.0433Inch
  • 89.5kg/197.2LB-----1.3mm/0.0512Inch
  • 114kg/251LB-----1.5mm/0.0591Inch
  • 140.7kg/310LB-----1.7mm/0.0670Inch
  • 164kg/361.1LB-----1.9mm/0.0748Inch
  • Quantity: 1 pack /2 packs Of 5 Rolls (100m/Roll)
  • Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Ocean Boat Fishing,Stream,Ocean Rock Fishing.

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