Multifilament PE Fishing Line in 4 Strands Multicolor from 12LB-133LB,110 Yards-1100 Yards

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PE Braided Fishing Line


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Shaddock Fishing 4 Strands Multifilament PE Fishing Line is the best braided fishing line with Top Materials and Higher Tensile Strength. PE Fishing Line is made of multifilament 4 stands braided line is wrapped tighter than our competitor’s line for a smaller profile resulting in better casting and knot strength, comes in test strength ranging from 12-110 LB test in 100M/300M/500M/1000M.
PE Fishing Line has high sensitivity: Zero stretch for extreme sensitivity to make sure secure control of the hookset, endure the toughest power from fishes.
Smooth and small diameter to reduce resistance greatly in the water, and it saves you more reel capacity.
PE Fishing Line is with super abrasion resistance, tensile strength and good stretch resistance and knot strength suitable for saltwater or freshwater fishing, surf fishing, ice fishing ,bass or trout fishing.- for superior hook setting that increases your catch ratio.
Best variety of sizes available and come in tensile force from 12LB To 133 Lb in 110Yards to 1100Yards to match any water conditions or fishing situations.

  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Model: PE Braided Fishing Line
  • Material: PE 
  • Length: 100m 300m 500m 1000m
  • Size Details:
  • 0.4#: 100M/110Yds/(12LB/0.10MM) ; 500M/546Yds/(12LB/0.10MM) 
  • 0.8#: 300M/328Yds/(16LB/0.14MM) ; 1000M/1100Yds/(16LB/0.14MM)
  • 1.0#: 100M/110Yds/(19LB/0.16MM) ; 500M/546Yds/(19LB/0.16MM) 
  • 1.2#: 300M/328Yds/(22LB/0.18MM) ; 1000M/1100Yds/(22LB/0.18MM)
  • 1.5#: 100M/110Yds/(27LB/0.20MM) ; 500M/546Yds/(27LB/0.20MM)
  • 2.0#: 300M/328Yds/(31LB/0.23MM) ; 1000M/1100Yds/(31LB/0.23MM)
  • 2.5#: 100M/110Yds/(36LB/0.26MM) ; 500M/546Yds/(36LB/0.26MM)
  • 3.5#: 300M/328Yds/(48LB/0.30MM) ; 1000M/1100Yds/(48LB/0.30MM) 
  • 4.5#: 100M/110Yds/(54LB/0.35MM) ; 500M/546Yds/(54LB/0.35MM) 
  • 6.0#: 300M/328Yds/(62LB/0.40MM)
  • 8.0#: 300M/328Yds/(93LB/0.50MM)
  • 10#:  300M/328Yds/(114LB/0.60MM) ; 1000M/1100Yds/(114LB/0.60MM)
  • 12#:  500M/546Yds/(133LB/0.70MM)
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Quantity:
  • Packaging: 1 pack in a Box
  • Position: Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Ocean Rock Fishing, Lake, Reservoir Pond, River, Stream
  • 100% Super Strong PE braid line for catch fish more easy

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