2.1M-3.6M Spinning Fishing Rod with Reel AX2000 Waterproof Combo Bag Full Set

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Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing Spinning Fishing Rod Reel Combo full kit: 1 Fishing Rod + 1 Fishing Reel + 1 Fishing Bag Case
TELESCOPIC FISHING ROD:The telescopic fishing rod is high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make fishing pole elasticity, hard , durable &convenient carrying around.
ALUMINUM REEL:Instant anti-reverse; Right/Left inter-changeable metal handle;Power drive gear equipped for high strength. More short body with large spool and large line capacity.12+1 ball bearing plus one-way clutch, gear ratio 5.5 :1
Fishing rod reel bag combo set with easy storage makes this gift for hiking,camping or backpacking.
Different designs allow you to easily change to your favorite rod reel bag combo set.Fishing set is a perfect gift for the whole family to enjoy outdoor fishing!
  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Rod Model Number: Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Rod Size: 2.1m/6.89Ft, 2.4m/7.87Ft, 2.7m/8.86Ft, 3.0m/9.84Ft, 3.6m/11.81Ft
  • Rod Material: Made from carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass,strong and durable
  • Rod Feature: Stainless steel hooded reel seats is anti-corrosion, comfortable EVA fore grip
  • Rod Length: 2.1M/ 2.4M/ 2.7M/ 3.0M/ 3.6M
  • Rod Weight: 5.26oz/6.38oz/7.87oz/8.25oz/11.14oz
  • Reel Model Number: AX2000 Reel
  • Reel Material: Metal cable cup with metal interchangeable collapsible rocker arm,and wooden handle
  • Reel Feature: Left/right interchangeable aluminum handle gives you strength and light weight
  • Rod Grip: Imitation Cork
  • Ball Bearings: 12+1BB
  • Gear ratio:5.5:1
  • Bag Mode: Waterproof Combo Bag
  • Bag Material: Oxford
  • Bag Size: 60x20x6cm
  • Full Kit: 1 telescopic travel spinning rod + 1 spinning reel+ 1 waterproof combo bag

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