To dear customers,

You may have heard us as “Shaddock Fishing” or “JSHANMEI”  from Amazon or Ebay or Wish and some other shopping platform.

We have warehouses in both China and US.In 2004, It was based on a professional fishing lure manufacturing enterprise. Thanks to different elements the company grows from a local market view to an international position focusing on manufacturing and sourcing professional fishing accessories such as lures, lights, float and spools, etc.

1000 more items under production, more than 5 new items are on OEM. The company's growth has been based on the continuous research of quality and innovation and as a consequence the organization structure has grown too. The range of products and service has been widened over time; thanks to the experience and the pursuing of better service, we devote to satisfy the customer requirements.

In 2014, after careful consideration we decided to change the business model – from B2B to B2C to offer better price and service to customers directly. So we opened several stores on Amazon and Ebay and we did pretty good job.

In 2017, we started to built our own website for better development.

''Shaddock Fishing" is a brand offering quality products to fishing lovers worldwide who are passionate about fishing. Fishing is a challenge every time you hit the water.

Shaddock Fishing is always committed to meet your expectations by providing quality products and services.

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