160pcs 7381 Sport Circle Fishing Hooks Set

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Fishing Hooks Kit

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing 7381 Offset Sport Circle Fishing Hooks are made of high carbon steel which will performance high strength and corrosion resistance in the fresh and slat water.
They are trusted for reliabilty, durability, strength and highest quality angler gear for all types of fisher.Circle Hooks gave a pronounced circular bend, short shank and an inward bending point.
Many fish will swallow bait, resulting in gut hooking with conventional live bait hooks.7381 sport circle fishing hooks use functional shape to help anglers hook and hold onto more fish. Forged for strength and durability. Significantly increase you chances of landing the catch.These hooks are perfect for freshwater and saltwater fish species.
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  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Type: Fishing Hooks Kit
  • Model:7381 Offset Sport Circle Fishing Hooks
  • Material: Strong High Carbon Steel
  • Package: 160 pcs in a free plastic box
  • 160pcs 7381 Hooks Set : 20pcs, 1/0 : 20pcs, 2/0 : 40pcs, 3/0 : 20pcs, 4/0 : 20pcs, 5/0 : 40pcs
  • Features: Gave a Pronounced Circular Bend, Short Shank and an Inward Bending Point.
  • Position:Perfect for freshwater and saltwater fish species

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