18pcs Tungsten Wacky Bullet Flipping Fishing Sinkers Weights Set 5 Sizes

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Fishing Tungsten Weights

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing Tungsten Bullet Weight Sinkers which are much denser, harder, and more compact than lead.
A smooth, polished line hole of Tungsten Bullet Weights that won't fray your line.
More compact profile of Tungsten Bullet Weights allows them to get in and of cover more easily, and their increased density allows them to get faster to the bottom of water.
When paired with a bead they also produce a louder fish attracting sound, and their increased hardness transmits bottom structure far better than lead, so you can tell exactly where your bait is.Tungsten Bullet Weights are hard to beat.
Bullet Weight Sinkers package in a free reusable plastic box which can easy to carry and storage.
Tungsten bullet weight’s compact tungsten construction offers increased sensitivity that allows anglers to detect the faintest bites.
    • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
    • Model: Tungsten Weights
    • Material: 95% Tungsten
    • Color: Silver
    • Size Included:
  • Feature: Insert free to allow for greater sensitivity, polished to ensure you get no line damage
  • Package: 18pcs in a delicate plastic boxes
  • Position: Ideal for Bass Fishing Pitching Flipping Carolina Rig Texas Rig Punch Rigs

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