366pcs Artificial Holographic 3D Fishing Lure Eyes Accessory for Make Fishing Bait,Fly Tying, Fishing Lures, Crafts

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Fishing Accessories

Shaddock Fishing

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3D Reflective Film: holographic eyes are extremely realistic with an ultra-clear, light-shifting, reflective film base making that fly or fish skull living eyes like.
Easy to provide significant protection in the toughest conditions; from predators in fresh; saltwater. While the firm adhesive backing makes them easy to apply, a bit of super glue or epoxy helps keep them firmly in place.These are also great to use with dubbing;crystal flash.
  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Type: Eyes
  • Material: Epoxy
  • Color: 4 Mixed Color
  • Size: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
  • Quantity including:1 pack including 183pcs with 3 colors and 4 sizes random color,366pcs/set: 2packs,915pcs/set: 5packs
  • Packaging: Plastic
  • Position: Flying Fishing,Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Fishing Lures

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