High Quality Multi-purposed Synthetic Fake Grass Turf Rug Carpet

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Artificial Grass Lawn

Shaddock Fishing

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  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Backing: Double rubber, pp + grid
  • Material: High quality Non-toxic, eco-friendly polyethylene pile.UV resistance, Non-stain
  • Features:
  • Appearance and texture of real grass
  • Natural grass colored thatch system
  • Soft, non-abrasive, non-absorbent fiber
  • Performance yarn for greater resiliency
  • Low maintenance and pet friendly
  • UV-stabilized heat and frost resistant
  • Polyurethane athletic grade multiple-layer backing
  • Finished with vertical drainage holes,Drains well, dries well
  • No mowing, blowing, trimming, watering or working,No need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides
Widely Used: Balcony-Give your balcony a cozy backyard feel with the addition of this turf rug; for an even warmer feeling, decorate with flower pots and colorful plants;Backyard/Patio-Make up for all the times you wish you had grass in your backyard with this quality pile turf area rug;

Porch-Greet your guests with this runway of dark green grass in front of your door that will act as decoration and will keep your indoors free of outside dirt and debris;Pet Area-Our artificial lawns are ideal for all pets. Our fake grass is easily cleaned using a garden hose or even a good downpour will do the trick;Child Dollhouse- Our soft, lead free artificial grass is perfect for your precious little ones to enjoy just as much as you will.

 Size Detail Package Dimensions Item Weight Shipping Weight
40in*28in 30.5*5.9*5.4inches 4.6pounds 4.6pounds
24in*20in 21.6*4.8*4.6inches 2.1pounds 2.1pounds
10ft*5ft 62*11*10.1inches 22.6pounds 22.6pounds
5ft*3.2ft 41.1*7.6*5.9inches 9.9pounds 9.9pounds
3.3ft*9.8ft 40.8*9.9*8.5inches 18.65ounds 18.65ounds


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