92247 Baitholder High Carbon Steel Fishing Hook 1#-6/0

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High Carbon Steel Hooks

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing High carbon steel hook has unique designed with 2 baitholder barbs which will easily to catch more fishes.Super Strong and Sharp,anti-rust,significantly increase your chances of the catch.
It is suitable for saltwater fishing and Freshwater fishing,there a 1#,2#,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5/0,6/0 for your choice.Let's go fishing!
  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Model: 92247
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Size: 1#,2#,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5/0,6/0
  • Quantity: 50pcs/100pcs/200pcs
  • Packaging: Plastic Box
  • Position: Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Ocean Rock Fishing, Lake, Reservoir Pond

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