Soft Plastic Worm Spring T-Tail Fishing Lure Twist Lock Worm Hook Wire Rig Tackle in 171Pcs

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Fishing Bait Kit

Shaddock Fishing

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Shaddock Fishing Worm Spring T-Tail Fishing Lure 171pcs full range fishing tackle set with various vivid fishing lures and necessary accessories fits freshwater and saltwater that provides an extremely convenient and high-quality fishing experience.
The set contains 65pcs baits polychromatic,50pcs twist locks,50pcs hooks,6pcs wires rigs and some fishing beads random colors.
All lures made of a soft and flexible material that is both more attractive to fish, and more environmentally friendly.
Tail fishing lures feature tapered design,body distorts the shape to a more natural appearance.The rubber body design provides protection for the hook point and ensures solid hook ups.
Soft Plastic Lures Tackle Set work great for both saltwater and freshwater.Perfect for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock, ocean beach, lake, river, pond and stream fishing.

  • Brand: Shaddock Fishing
  • Type: Soft Fishing Baits and Fishing Bait Kit
  • Material: Soft Plastic,Rubber and High-carbon Steel
  • Feature: A wide variety,diverse colors and easy to use
  • Colors: Polychromatic
  • Bait Size: 3Inch+5.6Inch
  • Twist Lock Size: 0.12*1.95Inch+0.25*0.5Inch
  • Hook Size: 0.8*1.3Inch
  • Wire Rig Size: 0.52Inch+9.8Inch+0.65Inch
  • Quantity: 171Pcs
  • Packaging: Plastic Box
  • Package Include: 65pcs Baits+50pcs twist locks+50pcs hooks+6pcs wires rigs+some fishing beads
  • Position: Freshwater and Saltwater

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